FCA Reveals All-New Uconnect Access Services

November 29th, 2018 by

The FCA US has revealed a new Uconnect Access array of in-vehicle features to be introduced at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Features to be added to Uconnect include four all-new services; Monthly Vehicle Health Report, Vehicle Finder, Send Destination to Vehicle and Vehicle Health Alert. The various services will be integrated into vehicles and have been designed to keep drivers connected to the vehicle’s important inner systems, as well as giving drivers the ability to always keep track of their vehicle’s location, and easier navigating to a desired destination.

Al Amici, the Head of Global Uconnect Systems and Services at FCA US LLC, spoke about Uconnect’s ability and dedication to delivering features and services that are functional and innovative. But most importantly, according to Amici, is that the Uconnect technology is easy to use for customers, who are always on the go and need technology that makes at least one part of their lives a bit easier; staying connected to their vehicle.

With four all-new services for the Uconnect Access service, Uconnect is also introducing a great, updated smartphone application which has been redone to make for an even better functioning interface, creating a new look and feel which makes it easier for vehicle owners to navigate through the app more intuitively. The smartphone application offers numerous remote services, and new to Uconnect Access are the all-new Send Destination to Vehicle and Vehicle Finder features. Vehicle Finder is a great service that, with the touch of a button, remembers the exact location of where you parked your car; you will never walk around aimlessly, searching for your car again. The Send Destination to Vehicle service utilizes the Uconnect Access app, you simply send a location from the smartphone app to the Uconnect system’s touchscreen, making navigating a breeze.

Two great features work to keep you connected to your vehicle’s inner working. The Monthly Vehicle Health Report and Vehicle Health Alert make it even easier for you to stay on top of your vehicle’s performance. With the Monthly Vehicle Health Report, an email will be sent to your personal email monthly regarding the vehicles performance status; key systems that are monitored are fluids, brakes, powertrain, oil, safety systems and suspension. The Vehicle Health Alert feature will send an immediate email alert if any of the above systems requires attention. When a warning alert appears on the vehicle’s dashboard, an email will be sent that explains what the symbols means, how the vehicle is affected by the issue, and what steps need to be taken to remedy the issue.

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